• Wife and Mom to four great kids...almost five.
  • Small Business Owner in Bountiful  
  • Current Bountiful City Council Member
  • Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Annual Giving & Communications Specialist
  • American Cancer Society, Executive Director of the Utah Chapter
  • Republican Governors Association, Director of Compliance
  • The White House, Office of the First Lady, Deputy Director
  • Office of United States Senator John Ensign, Director of Operations
  • The White House, Office of Management and Administration, Executive Assistant
  • Office of United States Senator John Ensign, Staff Assistant
  • Bush-Cheney ’04, Field Director
  • Precinct Chair, State and County Delegate
  • Scottish Parliament, Intern
  • Brigham Young University, Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

I have always been a hard worker. My first post-college job was with President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign, in the swing state of Nevada. After a successful campaign, I left Nevada for DC where I began work for a US Senator, before being tapped for a position in the White House. After working in the White House only a few short weeks, I was asked to seek a Top Secret Security Clearance and become a junior staffer in the West Wing – eventually finishing my White House career as a Deputy to First Lady, Laura Bush.

My husband, Dr. Christian Bahr, was born and raised in Bountiful and convinced me it was the best place to raise our family. I’m glad I listened because after living here for almost 14 years, Bountiful has become my home. After moving to Bountiful, I worked as the Executive Director of Utah’s chapter of the American Cancer Society and later for Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation, where I focused on communications and annual giving. I currently serve on the Community Council at my children’s elementary school.

My primary role, as a Councilwoman, would be to promote a successful team effort to make this an even better community. With three young children, still at home, I’m fully invested in Bountiful. I am ready to listen, work, and be an advocate for YOU. 

I have had stewardship over million-dollar budgets, with large organizations, in both the public and private sector. Moreover, I have learned that in large organizations, certain processes must be in place for success to be achieved. My background is varied, but the common denominators are my ability to lead, communicate and work with volunteers. My experiences have taught me, we are stronger when we are together.

When I worked in the West Wing of the White House, and later as a Deputy to Mrs. Laura Bush, I learned quickly, the need for decorum, respect and communication. I also received a crash course in diplomacy and governmental processes. I was recognized as a person of integrity, with the responsibility of going into the Situation Room, almost daily, for various assignments. I was the person staff and volunteers called when everything that could go wrong did go wrong and as a result, I work well under pressure.

As Executive Director of Utah’s Chapter of the American Cancer Society, I grew into a confident leader. I was able to help my staff and volunteers find clarity in the midst of conflict. I am a mature manager with the ability to take a step back, look at facts and consider feelings.

My most recent professional role was with Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation – an experience near and dear to my heart. I quietly watched, as children (and their families) struggled with unthinkable circumstances…circumstances they navigated with grace, love and often a bit of humor.

I had a small glimpse into this type of hardship when my twins were born prematurely and spent three weeks in the NICU. Both struggled to breathe and were put on oxygen. However, I noticed that when I held them TOGETHER, they were stronger, and their breathing less labored. Hospital policy dictated that each baby was to be in their own crib. Finally…after two days of asking and advocating, my twins were placed in the same crib. Almost immediately, their oxygen levels went up, they began to breathe easier and grew STRONGER…TOGETHER.

At times, I suppose all of us feel isolated and stuck in our own “crib” so to speak. We think we have to fend for ourselves or that nobody will listen – or advocate for us. I would like to bring a spirit of collaboration, communication and charity to the City Council. I am confident my experiences will aide in my ability to serve Bountiful with competence and a genuine heart. We do so many things well, and I know we can come together, breathe easier, and become stronger – helping to ease the burdens of those who may be overlooked in our community and serving all the citizens of Bountiful.